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A Million Thanks for your Support!

The Adams-Friendship Area Educational Foundation has been the recipient of very generous donations through fundraising, memorials, and estates. Funding for grants, scholarships, the Academic Hall of Fame, and the Adams-Friendship Fine Arts Center is supported through the Foundation which is a non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible according to tax laws.  Donations of any amount are appreciated.  All donations are recorded and will be recognized on our on-going donor wall in the lobby of the Fine Arts Center at the following four levels:

Bronze: $100-$4999

Silver: $5,000-$9,999

Gold: $10,000-$19,999

Platinum: $20,000 and above

For more information about how you can support Adams-Friendship Area Educational Foundation projects, visit Donate and Support.

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Platinum Level


George Lund

Adams County Dairy Promotion Committee

AF Alumni Association

Richard and Verla Lysy

Harold Henning

Jerry and Elaine Kotek

Harvey and Beverly Wagner

Linda and Thomas Machan

One Community Bank

Gold Level


Estate of Verna Hawley

Rich and Deb Wachholz

Sand County Players

Castle Rock Triathlon

Estate of Inez Sweet

Robert and Myrna Garnett

Adams Community Bank

Gundersen Moundview Hospital

Silver Level


In Memory of Mary Jo Klaus

In Memory of AH & Maxine Loken

In Memory of Marlene Pavelec

In Memory of Joan Jones

Jack and Joan Malin

A-F Motors

Brian and Lacey Bula

Clark and Karen Staehling

In Memory of Robert "Bob" Beaver

Chuck and Alice Parr Foundation

In Memory of Harvey Wagner


AF Administration

AF Middle School Staff

Dan and Lisa Aiman

Ron and Lisa Allen

Ronald and Debra Boettcher

Bill Bossard

Conrad Chaffee

A-F Class of 1959

A-F Class of 1982

Richard and Marjorie Colby

Shawn and Carol Collins

Jon and Maureen Gessner

GMJ Automotive

Vern and Mary Golz

David Gulas

Wanda Hazel

Edward and June Heitman

James and Carol Heitman

Richard and Cleo Henricksen

Lori Hintz

Alice Jones

Donald and Elinor Keefe

Robert Klein

Jerome Krier

Clinton Lecy

Sharon Mattox

David & Mary McKay

Father McNamee

Mid Towne Dental

Olson Dairy Farm

Daniel and Kathleen O'Neal

Scott Parr

Florence Ramocinski

Richard and Charlene Robb

Edmund and Carole Roseberry

Edward and Trish Scarborough

Adolf and Marlene Pavelec

In Memory of Art and Norma Renner

John and Monica Wallendal

Rob and Judy Brickler

Steve and Danna Peterson

Jenny Curless

Bob and Judy Linzmeier

In Memory of Tom Petruska

A-F Class of 1963

David and Dorothy Renner

Ron and Sue Burkholzer

A-F Class of 1985

A-F Class of 1989

Steve and Sandy LaVallee

Cary and Linda Stage

Bob and Marie Thurber

Richard Neuman

Judy Petruska and Family

In Memory of Art and Norma Renner

John and Monica Wallendal

Bonnie Zuidema

Chuck and Sharon Pollex

In Memory of Margaret Bell

Gail Parr-Vance

In Memory of Tom Moran

Conrad & Dorothea Falk Family

Dave and Kathy Garnett

In Memory of Alta Johnson

Julianne McGowan

Grand Marsh State Bank

In Memory of Frank and Ruth Hovorka

In honor of Robert Warren

In memory of Robert Roseberry

A-F Class of 2010

Barbara Albrecht

A-F Class of 1962

Billy and Judy Taylor

John and Brenda Jones

Calico Country Homemakers

In Memory of Tom Elkington

Robert and Roberta Ebert

James Burke 

Grande Cheese

Sandra Swisher-Pheiffer

In Memory of Sandy McClain

In Memory of June Moravcevich

In Memory of Pat Sobczak

McCain Foods

In Memory of Glenn Rathermal

Tom and Sharon Guzman

Nancy Voboril

Sonja McLaughlin and Family

George and Wendy Ritchie

Shirley Kirsenlohr

Brenda Klaus

Joan Massen

Les and Dorothy Galbraith

Marty and June Hillert

Beverly LaMont

Joan Marti

Janis Rhinehart

Greg and Tara Farrell

In Memory of Albert and Ramona Davidson

Adams Family Dentistry

Cell Plus II

Ellis Construction

Michael and Kim Fasula

General Store of Adams

In Memory of Ruth Heitman

In Memory of June Hillert

In Honor of Amy Christie

Aspirus Riverview Clinic-Adams

Kris and Jim Bawulski

Brakebush Families

Bula-Gieringer Farms

Chalet Lanes and Lounge

John and Donna Fallos

In Memory of LeeAnn Roseberry

American Autobody

Connell's Cedar Shack

Deppe Enterprises, Inc.

In Memory of Kay Theisen

In Memory of Elsie Landon



Robert and Maureen Hauswald

In Memory of Arlene and Francis Babcock

Brian Bula

John and David Holmes

John Kelly

Helen Lowe

Milk Source--New Chester Dairy

Glenn and Peggy Quinnell

VFW and Auxillary

Richard Sternhagen

In Memory of Harold Weingarten

In Memory of John Sullivan

Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers

In Memory of Bonita "Bonnie" Nachreiner

In Memory of Chuck Parr

In Memory of Lucille Mathe

In Memory of Chief Williams

John and Vicki Hawkins

Barbara Power

Raymond and Madeline Cummins

Donald and Mary Stevens

PEO Sisterhood Chapter EH

Jennifer and MiKayla Schultz

Robert Sindelar

James and Anne Sobek

John Soley

Patricia Sorensen

St. Joseph's Parish

Lucas and Tabitha Stelter

WDKM Radio

William & Bonnie Bell

Jim Brien

In Memory of Dr. M. Esmaili

Robert Heitman

Micky and Helma Klein

Ron and Judy Leroy

In Memory of John Roller

Elton Ray Davis

Richard Davis

John and Carole Havel

Mildred Bagley

David and Jane Grabarski

John and Linda Mink

Paul and Angie Screnock

In Memory of Emerson Craig

Mike and Crystal Hiller

Frank and Pat Kierstyn

Land 'O Lakes Foundation

In Memory of Marion Zoborek

Sammie & Marilyn Baggs

Kristin Johnson

Gladys York

Madge McGregor

Robert & Brenda Quinnell

Judy Ozawa (Hintz)

Jason Spindler

Adams County Retired Teachers

In Memory of Elinor Bangstad

Scot and Kay Ironside

In Memory of Keith Weade

Moundview Memorial Hospital and Clinics

MMH&C Foundation

Adams-Columbia Electric Co-op

Gerald Cardo

M. Delores Cherveny

William Kolash

Helmer and Myrt Lecy

Jeanne Moran

Nadine Reed

Doug and Sandra Rhinehart

Dave  Schroeder

Ronald and Barbara Steponkus

Myrna Baumel and Donna Heiser

A-F Class of 1949

Derek and Lisa Curless

Willliam Davis

Royce and Cynthia Hazel

In Memory of Keith Herriot

Harold Herriot

Orville and Sheila Hohenstein

Joe and Sharon Lobenstein

Marquette-Adams Telephone Company

Pavelec Realty

Greg and Linda Sorensen

Tavern League of Adams County

Jim Brien

Robert and Janis Cada

R&G Overhead Doors, LLC

Jason and Sara Hogenstein

Lorraine Hoyer

Donna Johnson

Mid-State Technical College

Bill and Dolly Parr

Sam and Christa Wollin

William and Catherine Hosig

In Memory of Tom Morgan

Verniece Wesely

Ed and Donna Heiser

Adams Senior Citizens

AF Student Council

In Memory of Ida Ashworth

In Memory of Milly Ashworth

Marilyn Burdick

In Memory of Donna Burke

Chuck Spargo and Janet Boddy

Rick and Andrea Waski

Bernadette Toser

In Memory of David Babcock

A-F Class of 1978

Chris Rhinehart

Thomas and Sandy McLain

Scott and Sue Klein

Easton Car Wash Doctors

Genevieve Foss

Robby and Jacqueline Yost

Ruth Ann Fritz

In Memory of John Pavelec

Bronze Level






Verne Twachtman

A-F Class of 2004

Patricia Norton

Mary Beth Wundrock

Michael and Jill Edwards

John Kierstyn

A-F Class of 2008

Patricia Warns

Jeffrey Wong and Pam Olson

Kevin and Amy Beaver

In Memory of Ed Kelly

Patrick Keena

Les and Patricia Landon and Family

Elsie Landon

Jean Neuman

In Memory of George Bredesen, Jr.

Marge Edwards

Kent and Janis Massen

In Memory of Mike Polivka

A-F Class of 1956

AF High School Drama Club

Greg and Theresa Soley

Harry and Lucille Davis

Bob and Julie Goodhue

In Memory of John Kelly

David and Elaine Babcock

David and Audra Mead

Robert and Janis Cada

Allan Klaus Family

Badgerland Financial

A-F Class of 1954

In Memory of Carmen Pufall

In Memory of Gertrude Tuttle

In Memory of Bill and Georgene Seaman

Dr. Martin and Carole Janssen

Lloyd and Darlene Hovorka

In Memory of Robert and Roberta Ebert

Andy and Paula Wallendal

Gary and Linda Bula

Coldwell Banker-Belva Parr Realty

Bob and Margo Beaver

In Memory of Teresa Wallendal

Dale and Edith Quinnell

Allied Cooperative

Charles and Alice Parr

Bob and Aletta Grabarski

AF Support Employees Union

A-F Class of 1953

John and Joan Jones

Hazel Machan

Michael Goc and Barbara Weade

Rabl's Pinequilizer

Robert & Collete Saliger

 Jon and Delores Roseberry

Edward Chin

Arthur and Kathleen Keenan

Aaron and Tania Bonnett

Larry and Edith Podoll

Mike and Kathy Kuss

Sheri Baumgart, D.C.

Ronald and Deborah McCabe

Lynda and Robert Wooldridge

Roger Allen


Western Technical College System Foundation

Relden and Margaret Beck

Kris and Shelly Beaver

Laura Brown

Gerald and Kathleen Dye

John and Juanita Hefty

Ben and Sandra Marshall

Friends of Friendship Lake

Dan Oppedesan

Carmen Pederson

Marguarite Waller

A-F Class of 2007

A-F Class of 1951

In Memory of Sheri Kitowski

Marcella Benz

Mary Bell

Adams Inn

B&G Enterprise

Somerville Architects and Engineers

Roche-A-Cri Recreation

Brad and Chrstie Ducklow

A-F Lions

Flyte Family Farms, LLC

Adams-Times Reporter/Shoppers Weekly

James and Mary Ann Bays

Rosemary Bredesen

Clark and Jeanette Crocker

Ken and Sue Curry

Helen Flanner

Chris and Rebecca Murphy

Mike Parr

Karen Cowden-Cave

Delos Dittburner

William Dunn

Delores Elkington

Hiller Family

Don and Margaret Hollman

Tom Jefferson

Celine Kelly

Gary and Carlette Rhea Machan

In Memory of Dorothy Janssen

Hometown Insurance

LeeAnn Roseberry

Harriet Dehlinger

John and Mary Wundrock

In Memory of Dan Rettenmund

In Memory of Herbert and Leona Wachholz

In Memory of Richard Collins

In Memory of Herb Theisen

Rich and DeAnn Sternhagen

Cabins on the Lake

Medford Co-operative

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