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By-Laws of the Adams-Friendship Area Educational Foundation, Inc.   (10-17-22)




The purpose of the Adams-Friendship Area Educational Foundation, Inc. (“the corporation”) shall be to improve the quality of education including instruction, facilities, and scholarships by providing people and organizations a manner in which to contribute funds for advancement of educational opportunities for students in the AdamsFriendship Area School District.



Membership in the Corporation shall be open to all qualified voters in the AdamsFriendship School District, as well as alumni of Adams-Friendship High School and other parties interested in positively furthering the purpose of the Foundation.

  • SECTION 1: MEMBERS. Any person meeting the qualifications of membership can become a member of the Corporation by stating their intentions to any member of the Board of Directors of the Corporation. A listing of all members shall be kept by the Secretary of the Corporation.

  • SECTION 2: VOTING. All members in good standing shall be entitled to make motions, second motions, participate in discussions and vote on all matters brought before the Board of Directors at all regular meetings of the Corporation. This vote is to be considered binding on the Board of Directors unless an objection is made, prior to the vote, by any member of the Board at that meeting. In this case only the Directors in attendance at that meeting will be allowed to vote on that particular motion.

  • SECTION 3: EXPULSION OF MEMBER. A member’s name may be removed from the membership listing of the Corporation, for cause, only by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors at a special meeting. The member shall be notified of the pending action in writing at least forty-eight (48) hours before such a meeting is to take place. 

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