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Welcome to the Adams-Friendship Area Educational Foundation website!  Established in 2002, AFAEF members work to enhance extraordinary educational opportunities for students, families, teachers, and community members in the Adams-Friendship School District. Opportunities to share your talents are limitless!  Take a moment to explore our website and learn more about how the AFAEF supports our school district mission to Prepare Students to Perform for Life!

2022-2023 A-F Fine Arts Center Events!
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The A-F Area Educational Foundation Proudly Presents

Lightwire Theater

The Adventures of Tortoise and Hare:

Next Generation


     The hugely popular Lightwire Theater makes a return visit to Adams-Friendship with an all-new show! We begin with Aesop’s classic fable of the The Tortoise and the Hare but continue the story, which finds them 10 years down the road, now with children of their own and exploring modern day distractions.  

     Smart phones and video games create a new landscape of lost connections to life experiences. The Next Gen features Tortoise Junior and Lil’ Hare in a whole new kind of race; where their adventures lead them into unexpected territory. Old man Tortoise and Big Daddy Hare must come together despite their differences to find and save their children. What hurdles will they have to overcome to make it to the finish line?

     With dazzling visuals, poignant storytelling and the creative use of music from classical to pop, this production brings this tale into a new brilliant light. The Lightwire group combines theater, dance, and technology to bring stories to life in complete darkness and is internationally recognized for their signature brand of electroluminescent artistry.

"An eye-popping display os storytelling that's like nothing else you've ever seen."

"Their captivating combination of dance, puppetry, and lighting earned Lightwire a standing ovation."

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Call 608-339-3921 ext 1161 with questions.

Ticket information here.​​

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