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Lights of Life 2019

Verla Lysy

In Memory of Richard Lysy


Joan Marti

In Memory of Alvin JE Marti

Barbara Albrecht

In Memory of Richard Albrecht

Ed Heideman

In Memory of Jeanne Heideman

Mary Beth Wundrock

In Memory of Art Walsh, Jody Walsh,

Angelo LaValle, Charlotte Manning, Omar Stavio,

Ron Carlson, Mary Jo Bixby, Audrey Feldman


Steve and Danna Peterson

In Memory of Darin Renner, Dorothy Renner

Bob and Myrna Garnett

Harvey and Bev Wagner

In Memory of Marina Brendel, Nik Brendel,

Nickolas Wagner, Herry Wagner


John R. Jones

In Memory of Joan R. Jones


Chris Rhinehart

In Memory of Clara Rhinehart,

Doug Rhinehart, Jan Rhinehart


John G. Kierstyn

In Memory of Judith A. Kierstyn

Ruth Ann Fritz

In Memory of Wilbur Fritz


Les and Pat Landon


Elsie Landon

In Memory of Harold Landon, Richard Lysy

In Honor of Verla Lysy


Greg and Theresa Soley

In Memory of Joseph Motz, Ruth Motz

Andy and Paula Wallendal

In Memory of Teresa Wallendal

In Honor of Emily Wallendal, Laura Wallendal,

Friends and Family

Mary Bell

In Memory of Stuart Bell, Margaret Bell,

Berlie Moore, Bob Kirsenlohr, Tom Moran

Barbara Weade and Michael Goc

In Honor of Derek Curless, Bob Goodhue, 

Donna Olson, Jenny Hensen, Dawn Mathe, 

Garret Gould, Joel Johnson, Bob Beaver,

Maureen Hauswald, Steve LaVallee,

Sue Klein, Mary Wisse, Sandy Swisher-Pheiffer,

Charlotte Preiss, Barb Albrecht, Hariet Dehlinger,

Jim Burke, Marilyn Rogers, Pat Sorensen


Gary and Carlette Machan

In Memory of Carl Hanke, June Hanke,

Edward Hollman, Mary Hollman,

Robert Machan, Hazel Machan, Darin Machan

Margo and Bob Beaver

In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kell,

Mr. & Mrs. H.C. Beaver

Jenny Curless

In Memory of Cal Ritschard

In Honor or Derek Curless, Lisa Curless,

Zander Curless, Ryker Curless

Donna Heiser and Henry W. Hermann

In Memory of Planthen Johnson, Alta Johnson,

Bill Hermann, Helen Hermann, David Hermann

B.J. Doyle

In Memory of Esther Anderson, Harold Anderson

Janis Rhinehart

In Memory of Mildred Bacon, Edgar Bacon, 

Phillip Rhinehart, Doughlas Rhinehart,

Marilyn Burdick

Orville Hohenstein

In Memory of Linda Hohenstein

In Honor of Sheila Hohenstein

Dave Garnett

In Memory of Bonnie Wright, James Meek


Verne Twachtman

In Memory of Joan Twachtman


Martin and Carolel Janssen

In Memory of Joan Jones, Tom Sawyer,

Dr. Arthur Weihe, Marcia Weihe,

John Janssen, Dorothy Janssen

In Honor of Dr. Martin and Carole Janssen,

James Janssen, Dr. David Janssen Family,

William Janssen Family

Chris and Cheri Janssen

Susan Polivka Family

Cathy Cullison Family

Gregory Kohles, Cynthia Kohles

Sam and Marilyn Baggs

In Memory of Thelma Baggs, Joey Baggs

Marge Edwards

In Memory of Ray Butler, Lois Butler, 

Dan Rettenmund

Mary Golz

In Memory of Vearn Golz

In Honor of Golz-Wagner Families


Jim Burke

In Memory of Donna Burke


Sonja McLaughlin

In Memory of Scott McLaughlin,

Donald Jensen, Florence Jensen

In Honor of Heidi McLaughlin, Matthew McLaughlin


In Memory of George Benish, Ethel Quinnell,

Margo Spargo, Ellen Kobs

Bill and Judy Taylor

In Honor of Taylor Marshal, Brandt Marshal

Sandra Taylor-Marshall, Luke Taylor, Kristin Taylor, 

Lindsay Taylor, Mike Taylor

Lights of Life 2019-Continued

Lights of Life

The “Lights of Life” Tree is located in front of the Adams-Friendship Middle School on Main Street in Adams. The lighting of this tree during the holiday season is a beautiful way to remember and let others know that we have not forgotten our loved ones and friends.  This holiday season, you can light the tree in memory of and/or make a living tribute to them. For specific details regarding the program and how to donate, click on the “Lights of Life” link below:

- Lights of Life Brochure

Thank you to all who memorialized or honored loved ones during the 2019 holiday season.

Due to Covid 19, Lights of Life was not available for 2020.
We hope to be back in 2021.

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