B2wins Sounds of the Season

Beyond Music. From the slums of Brazil to the stages of the world.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

7:00 P.M., Doors Open 6:00 P.M.

Reserved Seating 

In Advance: 18 and Under $10; Adults $25

At the door: 18 and Under $10; Adults $30

B2wins, short for Brazilian Twins, are high-energy musical performers who captivate audiences worldwide with their unique sound and engaging, unforgettable live show. Led by charismatic Twin brothers from Rio de Janeiro on electric violin and ukulele, their live show is a hybrid mix of rock concert, dance party, jam session, and stand-up. Fans describe it as like seeing your new best friends in concert.


After performing 153 shows across 11 states in 2019, B2wins continue to cultivate a loyal fan base wherever they perform. From hip-hop heads to jazz aficionados, rockers to reggae fans, all find common ground at a B2wins show.The group draws influence from a number of different genres and is influenced most heavily by artists like: Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, James Brown, Backstreet Boys, B.O.B., and Carlos Santana. Expect to hear power pop melodies, hip hop rhythm sections, funk improvisation, reggae personas and live instrumentation across numerous genres in a live show that targets the masses.

The B2wins set out to explore a plethora of foundations while injecting their own creativity.


Growing up in the violent, impoverished  favelas (slums) of Brazil, the Twins began playing classical music on violins their father hand-made. They used music as an escape from their reality and began teaching others in their neighborhood.  

After their orchestra was featured on NPR, the Twins were invited to the US on full ride music scholarships, quite a feat as they could not speak a word of English and had the equivalent of an 8th grade education. Fast forward 10 years, they now tour the United states full time, on a mission to change the world through their music, one smile at a time. 

What they do extends far beyond music. Music is simply the tool. That tool has defeated poverty, overcome adversity, escaped violence and even beat cancer.


This holiday experience is unlike any other. B2wins take you on a musical journey through the holiday season with crafty renditions of iconic seasonal classics. Expect a spectacular, full production concert experience with plenty of surprises along the way. Fun for the entire family!

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